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Want control of your income and schedule while living a more fulfilling life? 

Get Your Real Estate License for FREE!

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Our Real Estate Scholarship program is sought after because so many people are looking for a new start, a chance to be happier, and a life where they wake up excited to go to work.


That’s my hope for you. I want you to see this as the moment when you decided to take a bold step and open the door to a better career and life outside of work.


You could apply for a Real Estate Scholarship, become a licensed Realtor® and hit the ground running in a matter of weeks.

Real estate is thriving, and you should be, too. Join the others who have qualified for a Real Estate Scholarship with Tom Toole Sales Group.


There’s no better time to start than RIGHT NOW.

Don't miss your opportunity - we only give away 2 scholarships a month!


Meet Stacey Mitchell



"To me, joining TTSG is everything.  This Team has been the KEY to my success.  Everyone has been there for me, at anytime, and for anything, and this has been monumental in forming the foundation for me to be a successful real estate agent.   I'm extremely grateful to be a team member of TTSG!"

Meet Paul Harootunian


“I’ve done 30% more business with the Tom Toole Sales Group than I did with another team. This team has solid systems, professional coaching, rigorous accountability and a culture that will knock your socks off. The support staff backs me up and lets me do what I do best which is serve my clients and making sales. I love it!”


Meet Josh Grubensky



"I joined the team as a new agent – within the first week I was out on appointments – after the first month I had a home under contract – and within six months – I was juggling multiple pending deals. The systems are in place. The constant support and coaching have been invaluable. This team fosters professional and personal growth and has helped me build a strong and steady business."


What we offer...

  • Training programs and on boarding

  • Proven models, scripts and systems

  • In-House Marketing

  • 1:1 Mentoring and accountability

  •  Professional Coaching

  • Contract support

  • In-House staging services

  • An abundance of leads

  • Reputation, strength and culture of a successful team

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